BICA*AI 2020 is a purely virtual event.



We hope that BICA Workshop at IVA 2021 will be held physically on site in Fukuchiyama, Japan, on September 14 (see


The platform for all BICA*AI 2020 virtual events is.. 

Virtual Convention Center



Here we hosted and will host:

  • 1st BICA*AI 2020 Pre-Conference Session, August 30, 2pm UTC
  • 2nd Pre-Conference Session, September 13, 2pm UTC
  • BICA*AI 2020 Joint Virtual Reality Track (JVRT), October 10-11
  • BICA*AI 2020 Main Conference Event, November 10-15

Watch fragment of our first live pre-conference session:

Meet us at the Virtual Convention Center!

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PREREQUISITES: Need a Windows PC with at least 1 GB Video RAM, preferably more. Otherwise you may participate with your voice and video only (no avatar). Need camera, mike, broadband Internet.

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Above: Pictures showing the coffee break area. Below: This is how a plenary talk in the Virtual Convention Center Grand Ballroom may look like.

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